Upcoming Tournaments- Fall 2013

We’re really getting into the fall season now, and with that comes tournaments! Next week (10/12-10/20) is our fall break (already??). On Saturday October 19th, we’ll be heading to our first tournament of the year, Chaos Invitational down at University of Maryland, College Park, in Maryland. Many of our returning fencers as well as many of our new members- 17 individuals total- will be attending (at least, those who will be around then). Fencers of all levels can be found at Chaos, including a large number of fencers who are new to the sport, as much of our team is. We’re all looking forward to it!

The weekend after that, a smaller number will be headed to Temple Open on Saturday October 26th, at Temple University in Philadelphia. Temple Open is a bit more serious event, so the students going to this tournament are those with more experience. Other fencers, especially the beginners, are highly encouraged to attend so they can observe and learn more about the sport and about how tournaments work!

Fall Meet will also be happening at some point in late November-early December, at a date that has yet to be determined.

Welcome back! Practices Fall 2013

UPDATE: The interest meeting will now be at *8PM*, same day and place! See the event page on Facebook for more details and up-to-date information.

Practices for returning team members will start Thursday 9/5! As usual, we’ll meet outside Canaday at 4:15 (and Brecon people can meet at Brecon around 4:20). Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 7, with the usual team dinner at Haffner afterwards.

For anyone interested in joining fencing, we’ll be having an interest meeting on Monday 9/9 at 7pm in the Denbigh TV room. Everyone should also come see us at Fall Frolic on Friday 9/13! Practices for new members will start on Tuesday 9/17.



Inigo Montoya wants YOU!

Questions?: emaroni@brynmawr.edu

-Emily Maroni ’15

New listserv for fencing alums!

We now have a listserv for alums of the BMC Fencing team up and running! This list will be used to send out news, event information, etc. specifically of interest to alums. Any alums interested in being added to that list and/or removed from the general fencing listserv should contact me at emaroni@brynmawr.edu .

Also, we’re looking for photos to use here on the website, so for any alums or current members, if you have team-related photos that would work, please think about submitting them. Any kind of team-related photos are welcome, whether they be tournament photos, photos from practice, candids from team dinners or movie nights, anything! If you have any photos you’d like to share, please let me know!

Thanks and have a great summer!

-Emily Maroni ’15

New Facebook Page for Fans and Alums

As of last night, fans, family, and alums of the team will now have a new, easier way to keep up-to-date on the doings of the team and upcoming events! We now have a page dedicated specifically to fans and alums, where we’ll be posting any relevant information such as tournament info, results, upcoming events of interest (such as our alum meet this past weekend, photos of which should be posted soon), and other news. The page can be found here: Bryn Mawr College Fencing Club Alums & Fans

Also, hopefully coming soon will be an alum-specific listserv, so alums will no longer have their inboxes clogged up with all of the mundane emails we send out to current team members about movie nights, meeting times, etc, but can still receive important updates and relevant information if desired. I’ll be letting everyone know (both on Facebook, via the old listserv, and on here) as soon as that listserv goes through, and at that time I’ll ask people who would like be included in that listserv to let me know their email address so that they can be added to it.

-Emily Maroni ’15

BWCFC Champs Recap

Yesterday the fencing team attended the BWCFC (Baltimore-Washington Collegiate Fencing Conference) 2013 championship tournament on the campus of the Universtity of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), in Baltimore, MD. The bus left at 6:30AM from campus; we stopped in Philly to pick up members of the Drexel fencing team, with whom we were sharing the bus, and headed straight down to UMBC. The épée squad was composed of Marianne Wald ’14 (épée squad captain), Megan Guntrum ’16, and Elizabeth Vandenberg ’16. The foil squad consisted of Emily Maroni ’15 (foil squad captain), Raija Heikkila ’15, and Brittani Ivan ’16. The sabre squad included Anna Kalinsky ’15 (sabre squad captain), Carolyn Jacoby ’14, Elizabeth Anne Newberry ’16, and Maho Okumura ’16. For juniors Marianne and Carolyn, this was their third time at BWCFC Champs, and for sophomores Emily and Anna this was their second time. For the rest of the team members, this was their very first time competing in this tournament. Also in attendance in support of the team were Ali Raeber ’13, Abby Hochman ’13, Rorrie Mankins ’14, and Maddie Dubin ’16, as well as our coach, who also spent the day coaching his Drexel team and assisting with the tournament.

There were over 120 fencers in all, split by gender, with women starting off first. Everyone fenced in 5-6 person pools in 5-touch bouts, and the results from those pools were used to determine the brackets for the direct elimination (DE) rounds. In DE rounds, the bouts go to 15-touches, or the 9-minute time limit mark.

Sabre captain Anna Kalinsky ’15 won her first DE bout 15-9, and her very exciting 15-13 second bout landed her in the semifinals, where she defeated the first-seed Kimberly Chan (from Drexel) 15-14. In the final bout she lost 5-15, earning the silver medal for women’s sabre!  Epee captain Marianne Wald ’14 was seeded first among the women epeeists from the results of her pool, allowing her to pass in the first round of the DE bracket. In her first DE bout, she won 15-12, and went on to earn 3rd place in women’s épée overall, with a score of 7-15 in the semifinals. We’re all extremely proud of both Anna and Marianne for their medals, and for the entire team’s hard work and dedication!

Everyone had an exciting time and gained a lot of important experience. We hope to do even better next year overall and will continue to work even harder towards this goal! While this may have been our last tournament of the year, practices will continue on through finals. We’re all looking forward to a small alum tournament on May 4th, the annual writing and performance of the St. George and the Dragon play on May Day (which is going to be held this year on Sunday, May 5th), and our team dinner on Wednesday the 8th!

UPDATE: We were featured on the college athletics page, found here!

New Officers

Our election results are in and the new officers for next year have been chosen! :

President- Marianne Wald ’14

Vice President- Emily Maroni ’15

Treasurer- Megan Guntrum ’16

Assistant Treasurer- Maho Okumura ’16

Team Captain- Anna Kalinsky ’15

In the newly ratified version of our charter, we have created the appointed position of Team Captain, which will be filled by Anna Kalinsky ’15, and the new volunteer position of Club Historian, which will be Elizabeth Anne Newberry ’16. The volunteer position of Web Admin will be filled by Emily Maroni ’15 (which is me!), and the position of Armorer will be filled by Megan Guntrum ’16 and Brittani Ivan ’16.

The squad captains will be as follows: epee- Marianne Wald ’14, foil- Emily Maroni ’15, and sabre- Anna Kalinsky ’15.

Practices of Fall 2012

Since the first practice for new fencers is coming up this Tuesday Sept 18th here’s a recap of the schedule:

Tuesdays 4:30-7:00

Thursdays 4:30-7:00

Practice is at Graduate School  of Social Work Gym. It’s a little out of the way, so there are meeting 4:15 meeting points at Brecon and the front of Canaday (head to whichever is most convenient) so we can walk together.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

BWCFC Championships

2012 BWCFC Championships are being held at Bryn Mawr College on Sunday,April 22, 2012.
The tournament will be in Schwartz Gym, which is located at 241 N. Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr, PA. Check in opens at 9:00 am, and closes at 9:30. Fencing should start by 10:00 am.

For directions to the college please visit: http://brynmawr.edu/campus/visiting.shtml.

In terms of food and accommodations, there is UnCommon Grounds Cafe in the College’s Campus Center and many places to eat along Lancaster Avenue. Parking is available in the lot behind the Park Science Building, which you can access through the driveway on New Gulph Road. Once you park in that lot, walk down the asphalt path between the science building and the Ward Facilities building to reach the gym.

You can find a campus map here: http://brynmawr.edu/campus/map.shtml  Schwartz is number 8 on the map.

See you there!


October Tournament on Campus

On October 16th, the Bryn Mawr College Fencing Club will be holding its third annual tournament. This is a mixed Division 3 event. If enough women are registered for the mixed event, there will be a subsequent women’s event in the afternoon at no extra charge.

Where: Bryn Mawr College School of Social Work Gym, 300 Airdale Road, Bryn Mawr, PA

When: 10/16/2011; Doors open at 7 AM, Foil starts at 8, Epee at 10:30, and Sabre at 3.

Cost: $25 for preregistration, $35 walk for walk-ins, cash preferred.

For more information or to preregister, please see our event page on askFRED:


It’s That Time of Year Again…

Need support?

The Bryn Mawr Fencing Club is selling black sports bras with “Bryn Mawr Supports Women” printed on them in yellow ink.

They are comfortable, practical, and support the Bryn Mawr Fencing Club!

If you want one, fill out the order form below and return it with 20 dollars to Carolyn Jacoby, Box C-307.

Thanks for your support!

The BMC Fencing Club is selling sports bras with “BRYN MAWR SUPPORTS WOMEN” written on them. They are black with gold lettering and cost $20.00 each. They come in small (shirt/dress size 0-4, chest size 31-33”), medium (shirt/dress size 4-8, chest size 34-36”), large (shirt/dress size 8-10, chest size 37-39), and X-large (shirt/dress size 10-12, chest size 39-41”).

NAME__________________________EMAIL ADDRESS__________________________
NUMBER OF BRAS DESIRED_________________ SIZE___________________
TOTAL AMOUNT_______________

Please return this slip with cash or check through campus mail to Carolyn Jacoby, Box C-307 by Friday, September 30th. Cash is preferable, but please make checks out to Lydia Bello with “Fencing Club Fundraiser” on the memo line.