Alum tournament!

We will be hosting a tournament on Friday, April 28 at 5pm! It’s the Friday before May Day, so we’ll probably have some sort of casual event on Saturday for people planning to stay through May Day.
The tournament will be semi-formal, with pools for each weapon which will be structured enough to get in a good amount of fencing, but not overly formal. We’d love to have an idea of how many people are coming, so please fill out the linked form if you’re planning to come.

2022-23 Fencing E-Board

Starting the revamp of this site by introducing our new club leaders!

E – Board:

Team Captain: Maya Johnson ’23,

President: Emily Lazo ’23,

Vice President: Felix Townley Bakewell ’24,

Treasurer: Emma Unglaub ’23

Secretary: Simone Hoagland ’25

Fundraiser: Hannah Gordon ’25


Squad Captains:

Epee: Hunter Loftis ’23

Foil: Emma Unglaub ’23 and Anjali Mitra ’25

Sabre: Emily Lazo ’23


Volunteer Positions:

Web Administrator: Lucia Hamman ’24

2019-2020 Fencing E-Board

Hello! This is a late update but we would like to introduce this year’s new leaders of the fencing club:

E – Board:

President: Beckie Bull ’20,

Vice President: Callie Folke ’20,

Team Captain: Allegra Bradley ’20,

Treasurer: Allegra Bradley ’20,

Secretary: Melia Cleary ’22,

Fundraiser: TBA

Squad Captains:

Epee – Sarah Golobish ’20

Foil- Chloe Epstein ’21

Sabre- Callie Folke ’20

New Recruits for 2018-2019 Season!

New Season, New People! I would like to officially welcome the new members of our team :

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Epee squad:

Meagan Thomas ’21, CT

Anna Evans ’22, PA

Bankston Creech ’22, AL

Gemma Van Nice ’22, IA

Elizabeth Hawkins ’22, VT


Foil squad:

Talia Barnoy ’22, NY

Ella Wiborg ’22, CA


Sabre squad:

Melia Clearly ’22, WA

Menna Khaliel ’22, Eygpt



Laura Tague ’22, PA:

Rachel Lee ’22, MA:

Anna Shuff ’22, PA:


We are so happy to have you on our team! I hope that we all have a great season together and that you feel welcome!


Happy Fencing!



Sadly we will be saying goodbye to our seniors; Anita Brown (Epee), Emily Kampmeyer (Foil), Veda Nambi (Epee), Kit Webber (Epee), and Lillian Whithaus (Foil), who strongly kept the team together as amazing E-board members and overall leaders of the club. We wish them well on their future endeavors and hope they will come back for a visit! They are forever loved and welcomed but atlas they must start their new journeys into the REAL world!










New Season New Recruits

Hope you’re all ready for this fencing season as it already has begun. As always a new season introduces new recruits. We are very happy for them to join us.

Freshman Recruits: Chloe Epstein, Elizabeth Warrick, Emily Saks, Esther Xu, Jenny (Zhuoran) Hu, Katja Schmid-Doyle, Niamh Reilly, Peyton Moriarty, Raining Huo, Sherry Liu, Summyr-Ann Glover

Sophmore Recruits: Allegra Bradley


Have fun and enjoy!



Farewell and Good Luck to Our ’17 Seniors

Left to Right Luna( Lauren Phillips) , Miguel (Emily Ward) , Flip(Yilun Tang) , Natalie Hager, and Ziting Shen
Big Red (Maddie Dubin)

Recently over this weekend two of our Senior Sabre fencers have graduated. They are Yilun “Flip” Tang and Maddie “Big Red” Dubin.  All of us have enjoyed their company inside and out of the club.  Many good memories and friendships have been created with them.  It was a pleasure having them with us. They will be missed but we wish them good luck on their future where ever life takes them!


Tournaments are coming!

Hi friends! In the past few weeks, we’ve been to 2 tournaments, Chaos Invitational at University of Maryland Baltimore County and Temple Open at Temple University. Some newbies already had fun fencing in the real competitions, and returning members also found themselves being improved! In the next several weeks, they can continue enjoying themselves in the upcoming tournaments:

Sunday 11/15/15- BWCFC Fall Meet; Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

Saturday 12/5/15- Trico Meet; Haverford College, Haverford, PA

Sunday 12/6/15- NIWFA Christmas Invitational; Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

This year is the third year for us to hold BWCFC Fall Meet on campus. Our fencers are well prepared to welcome our peers from other schools, so definitely come watch us fencing and support us!

2015 Lantern NightChaos 2015

Practices and Fall Frolic Fall 2015

Welcome (back) to Bryn Mawr and hope you have fun in shopping week!

For returning members, practices will start on Thursday 9/3 in the Graduate School of Social Work Gym as usual. This year practice times have been changed to 8:30-10pm on Tuesdays, 3-5:30pm on Thursdays, 4:15-7:30pm on Fridays, and 2:30-5pm on Sundays.

For anyone interested in joining, come to Fall Frolic on Saturday 9/5 from 5-7pm, stop by our table, make some new friends and sign up! On Tuesday 9/15 from 8:30-9:30pm in Pem East TV room we will hold the first meeting for anyone willing to join.

If you have any questions, check “contact us” page and email anyone you want to talk to!