Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the club! If you have questions about a specific area or weapon, contact the relevant officer.

Coach: Ahren LaLonde,

President: Emily Kampmeyer ’18,

Vice President: Beckie Bull ’20 ,

Team Captain: Lillian Whithaus’ 18,

Treasurer:  Kit Webber ’18,

Secretary: Veda Nambi ’18,

Fundraiser: Lauren Phillips ’19,

Squad Captains:

Epee- Sarah Golobish

Foil- Emily Kampmeyer

Sabre- Lauren Phillips ’19

Club Historian:

Web Administrator: Myra Nguyen ’20,


See “About & Club Charter” page for details about different officer positions, and also see “Team” page for more info on all of our team members.